Own your identity

Explore services with privacy

A self-sovereign identity platform with verifiable attestation powered by zero-knowledge proofs.
Available on Web2 and Web3.


Enhance user experiences with cutting-edge technology


Personalize your data with absolute authority


Attest without disclosing sensitive information


Integrate services easily on multiple networks

Self-Sovereign Identity

Users have complete authority over their personal data and utilize claims issued by trusted providers in a vast network of services.

Zero-Knowledge Attestation

Users have the ability to attest their information to various services without disclosing any private data and preserving privacy. This feature is powered by state-of-the-art Zero Knowledge Proof techniques.

Cross-Chain Verification

The attestations’ verification process is compatible with both Web2 and Web3 systems and is available on multiple blockchain networks. Services can integrate with Ziden through our SDK, smart contracts, and other resources.